Meryl Schaffer Portrait TLC Daily Mondy

Since completing an MS & BS in accounting many years ago, Meryl Schaffer has been working in the NUMBERS world Her career  has included 1. Accountancy. 2.  Financial administration of two very different types of small businesses. 3. Most recent 20 years making the big leap into the new (for her) self-employment role as a (drum-roll please) QuickBooks Desktop consultant.

The mental fireworks exploded with the revelation of the reality of the services of a Daily Money Manager(DMM).  WHO NEEDS THESE KINDS OF SERVICES?  In a word:  ANYONE! At any age, in any line of work or even in retirement. Dealing with financial affairs can be daunting, overwhelming, time consuming and STRESSFUL.  Meryl brings relief by overseeing the flow of money and that paperwork is properly completed and submitted.  

Working with an incapacitated or elderly client, Meryl has found that the adult children or relatives of her client truly appreciate what she does. What they receive is peace and understanding that the many years of hard work put forth by their parent or loved one will be preserved and honored.

Meryl, the heart and soul of TLC Daily Money Mentor, is a very active member of AADMM and GROWS. Along with Sabrina David, she helped start Senior Services Alliance, a networking group comprised of members who support seniors in many different ways. Meryl volunteers for a local residents association and believes that everyone should volunteer for at least one project each year. The world would then be an even better place.

Helping others is the true motivation that keeps Meryl going (like the Eveready Energizer bunny).