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In addition to having over 30 years professional experience helping strategically grow programs /services and outreach for various skilled nursing, skilled home health, home care and specialty outpatient rehab operations in the DC metro area, Tricia also has advanced certification in Gerontology, through a program with George Mason University School of Nursing. She is also a certified health and wellness coach. Being able to help seniors and their families find solutions and ease in the process of change and transition is her greatest reward. She hopes that one day it will be her legacy.

Tricia’s philosophy has always been that if the program or service she represents is not the correct or best resource for someone - whether it’s family or a professional need – she commits to helping steer you in the proper direction. She believes Women Leaders in Elder World furthers this opportunity and welcomes the opportunity to help you.

She is a proud daughter, mother, sister, wife, friend, amiga, auntie and team player. When not working, and if not found on a dance floor or hiking trail somewhere in nature, Tricia loves to explore the world via her camera and travel.

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